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Study Abroad

During the Spring 2023 semester the FM business division is once again offering International Business: Study Abroad. This is a special topics elective that includes an experiential learning objective with a study abroad component to Ireland (Dublin, Galway, Killarney region, Cork region) during Spring Break 2023 (March 18-26). Students will study similarities and differences in the cultural, political, and business practices of the United States and Europe. Participants will also get guided tours of popular sites on the route. The trip is open to the community and taking the class is not required to attend the trip.  

To see the complete itinerary, click here. The cost is $4,059 with a surcharge if travelers are older than 30. The cost includes flights to and from Albany, NY, accommodation, breakfast, four evening meals and guided tours highlighted in the itinerary. A $100 early enrollment bonus before Sept 30, only $3,959 sign up today!  

For more information on these trips and/or the class contact Mark Swain, Business Professor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Quotes from Previous FM Travel Abroad Experiences: 

“This is the best group of travelers I have ever had the pleasure to lead! I have lead hundreds of students groups and FM’s students are the best prepared and most respectful of them all, I will truly miss you all…” — EF Tour Guide. 

“I’ve been doing my best to think of my favorite part of the trip, and I’ve realized that it wasn’t anything specific but a sequence of somewhat small events that really have stuck with me.” 

“…none of us thought we were going to fit in and how lucky we all were to have had such a wonderful group.. Trying to put it into better words and somewhat falling short I said the only way I could explain it, was that I had at least one meaningful one-on-one conversation with everyone on the trip, and I thought that was beautiful…” 

“…I have made memories and friends for life…” 

“My favorite moments were not being able to say I experienced just “London”, but being able to experience the culture and history with friends and people who I now call friends. That’s what makes the difference.”