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Individual Studies

Individual Studies (COCAL)
Individual Studies: Collaborative Career Learning (COCAL)

In this innovative approach to career learning, students learn career skills in fields in which jobs are available locally. Although similar to cooperative education and internship programs, Students learn from practicing professionals who follow competency guidelines prescribed by the College and based on O*NET online specifications, national competency catalogs, and employer input. Students combine collaborative career learning with 12‑18 credits of related college course work to earn a one‑year certificate in Individual Studies.

We can also create a two-year AOS Individual Studies degree program tailored to a student’s specific career goals, combining classroom study with on-the- job-training and close mentoring by practicing professionals in a workplace environment. (Career titles cannot require a licensure or duplicate existing FM programs.)

Students include dislocated workers, displaced homemakers, high school graduates interested in “hands‑on” learning and immediate employment, as well as students who are interested in career exploration prior to committing themselves to four years of college. The primary goal of COCAL is employment upon graduation. Enrollment is competitive.

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