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Whether you’re looking to get to direct-to-work training or want to transfer on to a four-year University, SUNY Fulton-Montgomery Community College can help you choose your academic pathway to career success.

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Program Spotlight

Cultivation & Quality Control
Individual Studies Certificate Offered in the Classroom

The cannabis industry is booming, and the need for trained professionals continues to rise. SUNY FMCC has taken note of this rising interest and wants those who are interested in joining this emerging and exciting industry to be prepared.

SAVE UP TO $80,000 attending SUNY FMCC VERSUS
two years at a four-year Private College

Hands-On Experience

SUNY FMCC has partnered with local businesses to provide our students with the ability to train through internships and apprenticeships to gain valuable experience outside of the classroom. Our students are more prepared to enter the workforce due to this opportunity being offered to every student.

Partner Spotlight

As one of our premier local business partners, GlobalFoundries currently employs over 50 SUNY FMCC graduates. Many of these students trained at GlobalFoundries prior to graduation setting them up for success at the start of their career.

Some of Our Premier Local Business Partners

Transfer Opportunities

Our region has a wide variety of transfer opportunities. If you plan on transferring from SUNY FMCC to a four-year college or university, we will support you throughout the process to ensure your success. This includes exploring colleges, selecting courses, connecting with four-year college representatives, and helping to complete applications. We encourage students to plan for transfer early in their academic career, preferably as soon as your first year.


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