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SUNY FMCC: Great Careers Within Reach

Why choose SUNY FMCC? Factors like affordability, convenience, program availability, and quality of education, all come into play when making a decision about attending a college. The FMCC Difference is about preparing you for great careers for those directly entering the workforce or after transferring to a 4-year college or university!

Whether you are a new student about to graduate high school, a transfer student, an adult learner, a military or veteran student (thank you for your service), an international student, a returning FMCC student, or a student taking college classes while in high school, the Admissions Office is here to assist you and put you on the road to reach your career goals!

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With one of the lowest tuition rates in higher education, SUNY FMCC is the best return on your investment. We are committed to offering high quality education at a fraction of the cost of the first two years at a private or public college.


potential cost savings
You could be spending up to $80,000 less than the first two years at a 4-year private college.


potential savings
You could be spending up to $25,000 less than the first two years at a 4-year public school.


of our students do not apply for loans
Over 17 million students attend college each year, most of whom will take on a LOT of debt.

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SUNY FMCC has over 60 academic programs and offerings to choose from including our unique direct to work Individual Studies program which allows you to create your own degree.

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Dual Admissions

SUNY FMCC continues to expand our dual admissions opportunities for our students to bridge the transfer process with over 40 dual admission opportunities with both SUNY and Private Colleges and Universities within the Capital Region and beyond. You can be accepted at one of our dual admissions partner colleges while attending SUNY FMCC.

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