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Providing Your Business a Competitive Edge

The Business & Community Partnerships Office is an employer’s “one-stop shop” to access anything that they may need from SUNY FMCC related to workforce-development initiatives.

Our services are designed to mutually benefit our local businesses, community, students and the college by providing resources for internships, apprenticeships, Individual Studies certificate and degree programs, and customized employee training. We additionally offer a unique spot for our premier local business partners to post job vacancies that will reach a population of skilled, local applicants – our students and alumni.

    Let SUNY FMCC be a direct pipeline for your skilled workforce.

    Nurture new talent and test potential job candidates in your workplace.

    Take advantage of New York State Tax Incentives and develop a streamlined channel to bring on new workers.

    Schedule your next meeting or training session on the SUNY FMCC campus at no cost.

    Participate in our HR Consortium each fall and spring to learn from business leaders in the region.


We would love to learn more about your business and ways we can help meet your needs!


The benefits of becoming a Premier Local Business Partner includes automatically receiving invitations to our Spring Job Fair and HR Consortium Sessions. You will also have your company logo featured on SUNY FMCC’s website, be able to promote your jobs to our students and alumni, and receive access to our campus meeting and training spaces at no cost.

partner spotlight

global foundries
As one of our premier local business partners, Global Foundries has been able to hire numerous highly skilled SUNY FMCC graduates from our Electrical Technology Program. Check out the video to learn more!

hiring our graduates

SUNY FMCC is committed to educating and training the region’s workforce of today and tomorrow. We encourage you to become a Premier Local Business Partner and participate in our annual Spring Job Fair where you will have the opportunity to meet with hundreds of our students. You will also receive the benefit of posting your jobs for our students and alumni.

Let us know you hired our graduate and we will look to write a story and feature your business prominently on our website and social media channels.

Creating an Internship

Develop new talent, inspire young minds and help shape curriculum as a participating business in SUNY FMCC’s internship programs. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate industry leadership, mentor incoming career candidates and discover golden hires. You will work with highly motivated interns with focused career goals, provide specialized training, and evaluate their progress.

You can nurture new talent for your industry and test potential job candidates in the workplace, identifying the best of the best.

As an Applied Learning Employer you will:

  • Create a true partnership between business and education.
  • Train motivated students from varied academic disciplines.
  • Teach specialized workforce skills.
  • Enjoy fresh thinking from enthusiastic minds.
  • Build student commitment to your organization.
  • Find a cost-effective way to evaluate new job candidates.

“Our experience with the FMCC internship program was a win-win. Our interns made a great contribution to the day-to-day running of a business, showing initiative beyond my expectations and a willingness to learn whatever was thrown at them. Through this program, employers have a wonderful way to ‘test the waters’ and get back much more than is given.”

–Kim Russo, Sr. VP of Administration, Townsend Leather Company, Inc.


Design an apprenticeship

To grow a highly skilled workforce, the State University of New York (SUNY), in partnership with the New York State Department of Labor, coordinate activities to expand Registered Apprenticeships in New York with a focus on engaging small, medium, and large employers to secure paid apprenticeships in high-demand, competitive wage occupations.

Focused Areas include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology, Cybersecurity, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Other (non-construction)

Why offer an apprenticeship?

Apprentices have a genuine interest in your industry and you may find a reduction in hiring costs by providing a streamlined channel to bring on new workers. Companies also report higher productivity, retention rates (less turnover), and substantial return on investment in a skilled workforce. Additional benefits include the Empire State Apprenticeship Tax Credit (ESATC) and the Apprenticeship Expansion Grant (AEG).

Workforce Development & Training Space

SUNY FMCC hosts the HR Consortium each Fall and Spring with featured speakers from local and regional industries and businesses. When businesses and education partner together to build the local talent pipeline, everybody wins! Learn how partnering with education at the K-12, community college, and university levels all the way through employment pays off for all stakeholders. Targeted programs that address different pathways are key to building a rich and diverse talent pipeline.

We would also love to provide space for your next meeting, training, or event on our campus! We can provide you with all the support that a conference center would with no cost to you. We can also enhance your visit with a presentation by our faculty on a related and relevant topic to your business. Adding food service is extra.


Meet the Business Partnership Team